Barkstall Elementary School
Barkstall is a great new building, situated a very open area. But its location also prevents many students from being able to walk to school, especially if they live outside of the neighboring subdivisions. Transportation is provided for these students, but only take students to school by 8:30 and pick them up at 3.  This complicates establishing book clubs, or other enrichment programs that take place after school.  Many children that normally ride the bus would have to have their parents drive across town to pick them up.  There is no public bus route between Barkstall and the areas Barkstall students live.  This is a major set-back in motivation to create after school activities for the Barkstall community.
Bill (administrator)
10/14/2010 07:31:23 am

I understand that this is a set back for Barkstall, however, it is difficult to try and accommodate each student at Barkstall Elementary. However, I would love to see a public form of transporation near Barkstall. Perhaps we could try and get a group to petition for the MTD to expand its routes to our area. Does anyone have any connection to the MTD or the City of Champaign? That would be an undertaking, but one that could change the way that people view barkstall and participate.

Sue (teacher)
10/14/2010 08:44:11 am

This is issue is not due to a lack of enthusiasm or support from the staff to create these kinds of programs. The trouble is attendance/logistics of getting kids there and home. It is extra work and everyone is putting there all in during the school day so it is reasonable for students and teachers to want a break after school.


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