Barkstall Elementary School
Barkstall is situation in the Cherry Hills Community in Champaign, but there is a lacking sense of community among Barkstall families from observation. As a parent, I feel that my student is more connected with the people in the area we live in Champaign, rather than Barkstall. I understand that this is due to the location of Barkstall and the diversity of people that Barkstall serves, but how can we continue to create a united Barkstall community among everyone that goes to the school, no matter where they live? I think that we do such a great job with parent involvement and communication and I think we can utilize those resources to create a more
Beth (Parent)
10/14/2010 14:29:05

I agree, I feel like it is difficult to feel like we are a community when my son is in Boy Scout with people in his area, rather than his school. This is simply an example, but so much of our community lies in where we live. I think that we should make an effort to start a parent committee to address this or at least try to plan events for Barkstall that are not necessarily just fundraising. Maybe family movie nights on the weekends for Barkstall families, or picnics. I can think of many things that each family would paritcipate in that would not be expensive.

Connor (Parent)
10/14/2010 14:35:35

That would be amazing, however, who would be willing to head this organization? I think that the community at Barkstall is important, but shouldn't attention be paid to education, rather than recreation? Students are meant to go to school to learn. I think that these types of activities are wonderful, but there are other areas we could improve the school in academic ways. I think that this kind of parent involvement should be in the classroom to help out individual students.

Sue (Teacher)
10/14/2010 14:37:10

I agree that parent involvement in the classroom would be wonderful, but I also think that creating a community would benefit my classroom academically. I waste classroom time because students are not getting along. If we had more time to have the students get to know each other outside of their neighborhoods, maybe students would understand each other more and time in the classroom would not be wasted trying to mediate between students.


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