Barkstall Elementary School
The Barkstall staff puts together some really great fundraisers.  They show a lot of dedication to the school and also raise a lot of additional funds.  This year, one fundraiser took place at Monicals Pizza and the another at Marble Slab Creamery.  These two small food businesses donated a portion of their profits to Barkstall on a particular day.  For Monicals, friends of Barkstall showed a flyer to get a portion of the profits donated.  Marble Slab Creamery had a celebrity scoop night where teachers made the ice cream treats and also received a portion of the profits and all tips during that time.  The students also love to see their teachers behind the counter, and it is a fun event for everyone.  We greatly appreciate all that these businesses do for Barkstall.

And fundraisers at restaurants are a great way to bring together a community of a school.  Though these two restaurants are fairly expensive for Champaign-Urbana. It would be great to see a fundraiser that all families would be able to participate in.  Some friends of Barkstall would be able to contribute in other ways such as participating in an event, donating their time and skills.  Improving Barkstall could take on many different forms and help bring friends of Barkstall closer together.
Concerned Student Teacher
10/8/2010 11:00:45 am

Just a few statistics for you:

A kid's size ice cream at Marble Slab: $ 2.98
A small: $3.98

A large cheese pizza at Monical's Pizza: $15.55

These items are a little too expensive for ice cream and pizza in my opinion.


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