Barkstall Elementary School

General Information

Specific ESL classes are not available at Barkstall, but you can have your child tested to attend one of the other schools in the district that offer an ESL program. Language support is given, however, through comprehension intervention programs given by our literacy specialists. 

Literacy Specialists

  • Barkstall offers three literacy specialists (K-2, 2-4, 3-5) who pull kids out of their classroom at a pre-arranged time to support students that are below grade level. Reading groups are available for all students Kindergarten through Fifth grade in their regular classrooms as well. 
  • Reading Recovery: This program offers one on one support for students who have lower comprehension levels. Although they are often pulled out of the classroom, this thirty minute time period is collaborated with the classroom teacher to coordinate with their schedules as well. Example activities in a first grade reading recovery group include: fluent writing practice, letter identification or word analysis, rereading familiar books, and introducing new texts. Parents need to agree that they will read with their children approximately two books per night. 

ESL Resources

  • The Champaign Public Library offers a Spanish collection with books for children downstairs and an adult collection upstairs. A nonfiction section is also available in Spanish for adults to help assist them with school projects. Bilingual books are available as well. 
  • A Spanish and Chinese librarian is available upon request to help navigate your library experience.