Barkstall Elementary School

Parent Involvement at Barkstall Elementary and in Champaign

At Barkstall, parent involvement is not only encouraged, it is vital! One of the main reasons that Barkstall is such a success is because of the parents and guardians who spend their time in our school helping students, teachers, and administration. Participation in community activities around Champaign allows parents and guardians to get to know other Barkstall families and get to know the Champaign community. Whether you chose to stop by the Champaign Library or join the PTA, parent involvement in the Barkstall and Champaign community allows parents to have better communication from teachers, administration members, and community leaders and also a better sense of what your child is doing each day at school and in the community. Under our "For Parents" tab you can find some ways to participate in activities at Barkstall and in the community. Also, you can find some resources available concerning our bus system and your family's individual needs.