Barkstall Elementary School

Organizations/Institutions that play a role at Barkstall


Barkstall PTA
The PTA welcomes and encourages participation by all parents, guardians, and extended family members of all Barkstall Elementary Students. Parents serve as members of school communities, work as classroom volunteers, plan extracurricular functions, and work daily with the principal and staff to accomplish the goals of the school. PTA makes donations to classrooms --about 100 dollar a year-- in order to buy more manipulatives, or help those who can't afford to buy them.  Information on dates and events are available in the Barkstall main office. The website will be updated shortly, so look out for updates.

Champaign PTA council           
This is an umbrella organization comprised of the 16 local unit PTAS in the Unit 4 school district and represents a PTA viewpoint to the district administration and school board. You can get more information about involvement from the Barkstall PTA.

University of Illinois
The University of Illinois offers tuition cuts for Barkstall teachers if they accept a student teacher into their classroom. This directly effect's our students well being, because teachers may not otherwise be able to continue their education if it weren't for an opportunity like this. Barkstall teachers are constantly furthering their education in order to provide the best instruction possible to our Barkstall students.

To Volunteer at Barkstall Elementary, please go to our website ( and fill out an application.

Organizations available to students in Champaign/ Urbana

                   Offered in Barkstall Gymnasium
                              Basketball Leagues                  
                   Offered at the Park District                  
                              Football Leagues
                              Baseball Leagues
                              Swimming Leagues

           Programs that encourage recreational, educational, and social growth for students provided after school. Full day programs offered when school is not in session.

  • Junior League of Champaign-Urbana
             This outreach group develops and promotes programs to improve the community.
                              Backpack Buddies - provides food for students that are at risk for malnourishment
                              Books by the Bushel - provides literature to school libraries based off a school wish-list
                              CAF Grant - Community Assistance Fund presented to groups that have a plan to improve their learning center

  • Community Reading Programs
                   America Reads - College students work with grades K-6 to help students become independent readers
                   Throughout the year, retirees come to the school to read with and socialize with students.

                     The Champaign Public Library offers a free library card to any Champaign residents that can be used at any library within the Lincoln Trail library system, which includes over 100 public libraries. If you do not reside in Champaign, as long as you have a free library card from another city in the system (such as Rantoul), your card is valid at all the public libraries in the area. For parents who are physically disabled, CPL offers a home-bound delivery service that delivers and even selects books if desired to be delivered to your house as long as you have a valid library card.

Barkstall hosts family reading nights and promotes reading through collaborating with other organizations, such as with 
the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign baseball team last Spring. The students were invited to their baseball game to "catch them reading" and the baseball players came to their classrooms to read to the students.