Barkstall Elementary School

Achievement Profile

Barkstall Elementary School is making adequate yearly progress (AYP) in both Math and Reading. According to the Illinois State Board of Education: "The No Child Left Behind Act and Illinois law require the State to measure whether our school is making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). AYP is based on the percent of students that meet/exceed standards on state tests, both as a whole and by different subgroups. Schools must also meet minimum attendance or graduation rates. If a school does not make AYP in the same subject area for two consecutive years, it is identified for School Improvement."

Student Profile

467 students attend Barkstall. 
24% of the students are low-income. 
2.6% have limited English proficiency. 

Teacher Profile

Teachers at Barkstall have an average 11.6 years of experience
0.7% have emergency or provisional credentials.
53.8% of teachers have their graduate degrees.