Barkstall Elementary School
Charlotte's Thoughts:

As a new student teacher I was very impressed when I walked into Barkstall. It is a very welcoming school. The secretaries greet you in the morning and all of the faculty I have met are very nice. I was able to go on a field trip on my second day and was happy to see the overwhelming number of parents who volunteered to chaperon. There is a lot of parent involvement and collaboration between grade level teachers to make lessons as engaging and successful as possible.  The classrooms have technology such as computers and smart boards. Overall, Barkstall is a great school and learning community for students, faculty, and parents.

Katie's Thoughts
Barkstall is an impressive school. The students seem to be focused on learning from the start due to their uniformed dress. The teachers are engaged and utilize the resources that the school provides. I am especially pleased with the amount of individual attention each student gets. The students understand that value of their education and work hard to do their best work. The parents at Barkstall are involved in the classroom. We have many parents that come in to volunteer with students. This allows for the teacher in the room to pay attention to individual students, while other students get personalized attention from someone else. My experience at Barkstall has not only been positive, but it has taught me how to work collaboratively with other people to improve student learning. 

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Jenna's Thoughts

Barkstall is a wonderful school that each and everyday lives up to its mission statement to prepare students to be an active part of a diverse, changing society. As a student teacher in a Kindergarten classroom, I am blown away by the faculty and resources Barkstall has to offer. All of the teachers I have met truly want to help the students AND me learn. The time I spend at Barkstall is always positive. The air buzzes with engaged students who are interested in the work presented to them. This would not be possible without dedicated staff and an understanding of the students. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work in such a solid school.  

Patricia's Thoughts

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences and observation during the time I have spent at Barkstall. The staff and parents make the school carry an aura of effective learning and help the children become well rounded students. Their continued dedication to helping students achieve academic excellence, understanding students in a personal light, and finding more meaningful ways to teach classroom material is prevelant as soon as you step into the school. I love that this school goes beyong just being "serious" about teaching academics, but shaping students to following instructions and self regulation to become successful people.

Jenae's Thoughts

I was also impressed by many aspects of Barkstall Elementary School.  One of the things that had the biggest impression upon me are all the resources available for teachers and students.  The physical layout of Barkstall represents many best practices.  The wings are separated by grade levels and teachers have connecting doors between classroom that allows for quick communication and collaboration.  There is also great spaces for specialist's to work, including the reading teacher and the literacy center.  The lobby is very welcoming and has two fishtanks for students to observe and enjoy.  The art teacher, Ms. Ford, has worked with a local artist in a project to paint murals on the hallway walls.  It really gives the students a sense of ownership in the school.  The atrium area blew me away, there is an outdoor space that can be used for instruction on nice days.  Outside, there is a large area with a playground.  A local church also uses part of these grounds as a cooperative garden.  The feel of Barkstall is very positive just based on the physical outlook and the teachers, staff, curriculum and students also add to this feeling.

Stephanie's Thoughts
Being a small part of Barkstall has been a wonderful experience for me thus far. I have seen what it is like for students to be
excited and interested in learning. I have learned great things from my cooperating teacher and the rest of the Barkstall staff. Students yearn for the guidance their superiors provide, and benefit from the independent learning they are encouraged to do. Barkstall's staff makes a point to not only emphasize the importance of academic achievement, but the role as a person of a greater society. The school atmosphere creates a place for learning and

Esther's Thoughts

Barkstall offers an experience for all types of students with a staff that is committed to student learning and success. I have personally observed how evaluative my teacher is in regards to her teaching methods so that she stays up to date and accommodates a diverse group of learners.
Additional support is provided by the many resources that Barkstall has to offer, such as a literacy specialist. Talking to my students, I can tell that they
enjoy being at Barkstall because of the many activities they get to participate in. My 2nd graders just finished their insect unit and got to put on a musical
on bugs and I think that is just one example of how the staff works together for collaboration in order to provide a consistent curriculum that
students find relevance in. The school itself is a safe and welcoming place for learning to take place and it has been a great experience being able to
learn in this atmosphere.

Mary's Thoughts

I come from a small rural area and I doubted that any school could compare when it came to such a close knit community. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw just how wrong I was when I walked into Barkstall. The teachers and faculty have a smile for everyone that walks down the halls, the students are eager to work together, and parents often drift in and out offering their help in any way possible. The cheerful environment promotes learning and allows the students to focus on their work.

Emily's Thoughts

Barkstall is a very welcoming community. I have found my time there extremely educational and helpful. I think that it is a great community of learners, and the opportunities available for both the students and their families are extremely impressive. The school's diverse environment makes me feel very comfortable and I feel that my experience in the first grade has already taught me so much. I can see so much support for the students in the constant parent involvement and in how much the teachers truly care about the students and their education. I hope that in my future teaching experience, that the school I am in has many of the same qualities as Barkstall.